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Property History

Back before there were airplanes and air conditioning, families would retreat to the Hudson Valley to vacation in the summer. In the 1920s the Hudson Valley was booming with a variety of boarding houses. Our bed and breakfast were once one of those boarding houses owned by Antonio and Domenic Chillura. As you enter the Lodge, you will see the big wooden “A & D Chillura” sign that once hung at the end of the driveway. During renovations, it was found in the rafters of the building.

The Chillura Brothers started the boarding house in the late 1920s. Families from the city would spend weekends here, as they were treated to large family dinners and the beautiful surroundings during the depression. It was the perfect escape, not far from major areas like New York City and West Point, but still allowed them the comfort of a long stay away. Some nights they would enjoy bands and entertainment in the dining rooms while days were spent exploring the property, playing bocce, or relaxing by the pool!


The farm was a retreat for families until the late 1970s when the popularity of these boarding facilities started to decline. In the 1980s, the boarding annex and dining hall were removed. The original barn and farmhouse, which were built in the late 1800s, remain on the property. We now affectionately refer it as the Lodge.

The Hudson Valley area, and our inn, are now making a full swing. Many families and couples are finding themselves exploring everything the Hudson Valley has to offer as there is something for everyone: History, wineries, distilleries, and so much more!

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